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We Are Family: Best TV Ensembles

Many of my favorite TV shows happen to have a strong ensemble cast of characters. (Not all of them; The X-Files for example is really all about Mulder and Scully, no matter how much I love Skinner, the Lone Gunmen, and others.) This aspect of these shows often makes me love them more, since I love stories about family, and about diverse groups of people who come together to become a family. With that in mind, here's my list of favorite ensemble shows. It's hard for me to even number it, because I would want to place so many of these at number one. So once again, please consider that the order doesn't necessarily mean I like one better than the others. (Warning: this post is image-heavy.)
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So, did I leave anything off the list? What do you think?
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Fic: In The Half Light (The West Wing)

So, mack_the_spoon and I co-wrote a very AU West Wing fic, with some Fringe-y elements included. We've posted it over at AO3. You can go check it out there. (There's a link to the story at AO3 at our shared fic journal, folie_a_2, too.)

Title: In The Half Light
Spoilers: Post-“Noel”, and before the events of “17 People”. (For Fringe, probably post S2, although it doesn't matter as much.) Goes very AU from there.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language. (Also, a warning: some sad things happen in this fic, consistent with the apocafic genre, though I promise the ending is hopeful.)
Characters: CJ, Toby, Charlie, the President, Leo, Sam, Josh, and a few others
Summary: Our heroes try to survive and move forward in a suddenly changed world where people may not be what they seem. (Quite AU, apocafic; very slight crossover with Fringe although no knowledge of it is required for reading this.)
Disclaimer: Don't own The West Wing, Fringe, or the characters or plots therein.
Authors' Note: Thanks to missmonkeh for the beta!
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Fathers and daughters (yes, it's another list!)

One way you can get me to love a show – even one that might not otherwise have a long list of other things that make it stand out – is to have a really good father-daughter relationship at its core. (I'm not saying I'd still watch a show that was actually terrible just for this relationship, but … well, I'm getting ahead of myself now.) Since I love making lists, and since belsum suggested it, here goes with another one! Hope you're not too entirely bored of my lists by now; if you are, feel free to skip it.

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I should also mention that it always makes the joys of watching these fathers & daughters are always highlighted when I get to watch them with my actual dad. He isn't into all of these shows, but I can state with confidence, for instance, that he was not unmoved when we watched "Father's Day" for the first time.

Also, yes, I will be posting a list of favorite father-son relationships at some point soon. That's another pretty much surefire way to get me interested in a show!
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Fic: Gather Together (The West Wing, 1/1)

Just a week early...

Title: Gather Together
Spoilers: “Shibboleth”
Characters: CJ, Toby, Sam, and Josh
Rating: PG
Summary: “Should I bring anything?” “Yeah. Do you know how to, you know, cook food?”
Disclaimer: I don't own The West Wing or its associated characters.
A/N: Just a fluffy holiday piece that I couldn't resist writing after rewatching this episode.
Thanks to hazel_eyes_86 for the beta!

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Fic: Raising The Sound (The West Wing, 1/1)

Title: Raising The Sound
Spoilers: “Noel”
Characters: Donna, Josh; also some Sam, Leo, and Margaret.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “Donna's going to take you to the emergency room.” “She knows?” “She was the one who guessed.”
Disclaimer: I don't own this show or these characters.
Author's Note: I wanted a Donna POV fic from this episode, so I decided to go ahead and write one.
Thanks to hazel_eyes_86 for her beta!

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Another favorites list

This time, I decided I would make a list of my favorite TV male friendships, since I've been seeing a lot of excellent TV with extremely compelling friendships between guys recently. (Some people ship these duos, I'm aware, but I do not. That said, as far as I'm concerned, you can feel free to ship them if it makes you happy.) Note: I am not including any father-son or father figure-son relationships on here, though I love many of those as well, because I consider them to be in a separate category.
The friendships I'm listing are in no particular order. Here goes.

WARNING: There will be both minor and major plot spoilers for Babylon 5, The West Wing, Sports Night, Life, and Twin Peaks contained within.

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I'm sure I will add to this list as I continue my TV-watching career, but these are the ones that stand out for now.

ETA: Dude, I have no idea how I didn't include Picard and Riker, and Geordi and Data! They should totally be on here.
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So, friends who have seen The West Wing...

...when should I watch "Isaac & Ishmael"? The family just got to season 3, and we've seen the first two episodes ("Manchester" I & II). Then we saw that "Isaac & Ishmael" is on the list of s3 eps in a variety of places, depending on the source. We don't have the DVDs. I'm guessing that with subject matter like the episode summary had, it might have been moved due to September 11.

Just wondering where it fits best. Any input would be appreciated!

(And by the way, I'm still absolutely loving the show. I don't think I've seen a dud episode yet...)

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My top favorite TV episodes of all time... so far

There aren't that many episodes of television that have left me feeling awed, amazed, and generally stuck around in my memory for a long time afterward – but there are a few. I've been thinking about the best TV episodes I've ever seen in my life, the ones that are as close to perfect as I think is possible. These thoughts led to my decision to write down a list of them, what I love about them, and what struck me about them.

Here's that list, in no particular order. Collapse )

That was fun to write.

Fanfic: Endangered (Fringe, 3/3)

Title: Endangered (3/3)
Summary, Rating, Disclaimer, etc. same as in Part 1
Author's Notes: To be found at the end.


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Author's Notes: This is a very odd story, I realize. Furthermore, I realize that if readers of this story happen to have read certain of my X-Files or In Plain Sight stories, they may notice that I seem to have a thing for writing this kind of storyline. I can't give you an explanation for this fact, but I can thank you for reading in spite of it!
Also, I sincerely apologize for any geographical errors regarding Vermont and/or Massachusetts. I did research the geography of the area as well as I could, but I have no personal experience to go on.