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Guide to the "Bloodlines" series (The Blacklist fic)

This is for those who have been reading/might want to read the (very weird supernatural AU) series that mack_the_spoon and I are writing over on AO3 for The Blacklist. It's getting quite long, and as a reader over there pointed out, that can get confusing if you're trying to read it in order. Especially since some sections are by only me, some sections are just by Mack, and the rest are by both of us, so that ends up meaning we had to label it as two series with the same name on AO3. Gets a little messy!

So here goes. This will be updated as we continue to post more parts of the series.

Roughly chronological order:

1. What You Leave Behind, What You Choose To Be (by me): Liz finds out one part of the truth – and it's a lot more than she'd bargained for.

2. With Everything That I've Lost (by me): Red tells her, if not everything, the most important thing. This is how it starts to change them.

3. In From The Cold (by Mack): Winter weather creates an unexpected danger for Liz, and Ressler must act quickly to ensure her safety.

4. Flying Ahead of the Light (by me): Ressler and Liz navigate the beginnings of Liz's new role, and what this means for their partnership.

5. All The Honesty I've Ever Lost (by Mack): The murder of the harbor master comes back to haunt Liz just as she's trying to deal with Red's latest life-changing revelation.

6. Close to the Edge (by me and Mack): Liz and Ressler find out just how difficult it is to maintain a secret of this magnitude.

7. Closing In (by me): Someone from Liz's past resurfaces, putting both her and Ressler in serious danger.

8. All We Could And Should Be (by me and Mack): With another war on the horizon, Liz and Ressler must navigate threats both at home and abroad while handling changes in their personal lives.

9. Bracing Against The Storm (by me and Mack): The allegiances and relationships that Liz and Ressler have navigated thus far begin to usher in grave consequences.

10. Signs of Life (by me and Mack): An unforeseen crisis reveals that Liz's safety is more precarious than anyone had imagined.

11. All The Truth Unwinding (by me and Mack): After the truth about Liz and her parents is revealed, Liz, Ressler, and Red are forced to go on the run - and their enemies are not far behind.

12. In Close Quarters (by me and Mack): Liz and Ressler face unique challenges adjusting to life on the run.

13. The Memory of You (by me and Mack): After a time of quiet, the Cabal has struck, and Liz is missing. But there are more obstacles to her returning to Ressler and Red than anyone has guessed.

14. Where You Are (by me and Mack): Liz and Ressler try to work toward stability as they continue to live life together on the run.

15. Here Beside Me (by me and Mack): After Liz's name is cleared, she and Don have the chance to settle down and live something like a normal life. That means the opportunity to make different decisions about a certain time of the year for Liz.

16. Hopes and Expectations (by Mack): Liz and Ressler are moving forward with this 'normal life' idea, although they both discover that they have a lot to learn about preparing to be parents. (And normal may be a stretch, as well!)

17. Into A Strange World (by Mack and me): After the arrival of their son, Liz and Ressler realize they not only have to learn about being parents, but also about what family means in this strange world of theirs.

And a few standalones, that can most likely be read at any point but might make slightly more sense after #1 and #2 above:

-We'll Fly, We'll Fall, We'll Burn (by me and Mack): Pre-series. The night of the fire, Red must save Lizzie not only from the flames, but from her own damning memories, no matter the cost to himself.

-We Bleed The Same (by me): Post-T. Earl King. If Liz had been just one second later, she might have been too late – and she knows it.


Whew, that's a lot of fic! Thank you so very much to anyone and everyone who has read this series even without this guide, or who makes the effort to read it now. :) We're enjoying writing it so much. It's by far the longest series either of us has ever written.
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