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I haven't been very active on Television Without Pity since - I guess around 2008, when all the excitement about TXF: I Want to Believe led to a resurgence in posts in the TWoP XF forums (and here on LJ, for that matter). Lately, I've only regularly been checking a few threads, including the meet market for Doctor Who, the West Wing thread, and just a couple of others. But man, since the news broke that NBC is closing down the site and not even allowing its archives to be public after May, I'm realizing how much I'm going to miss it.

TWoP was my gateway into online fandom. Through it, I made a lot of online friends (most of whom I still keep in contact with, in some way or another). I went to a few TWoP Cons. Originally, I found the site primarily through Sara M's fantastic, hilarious House recaps, back when that show was A) airing, and B) excellent. The site helped me discover other awesome TV shows, and helped me learn how to write things on the internet. I used to love the Doctor Who forum, the X-Files forum, the House forum, that whole TV-show-inspired motivational poster craze in the Creative Pursuits section...

Goodbye, TWoP. I'm glad you existed, and I will be sorry to see you go. I'm not sure where I'll go if I want to have moderated, reasonable discussion about my favorite TV shows after you're gone.
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