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Calling all fans and fic readers

I have an idea for a meta/crack story, and I'd like some input.

What are some famous 'shipwreck' characters from recent TV shows? (Recent very popular books/movies may also apply.) I'm looking for characters that come onto a show and break up - or at least try to break up - the main canon pairing, and focusing especially on ones who are not actually villains on their respective shows, but whom fic writers/the fandom in general like to vilify. This will all be in good fun.

So far, I have these shipwreckers:

1. Diana Fowley (also possibly Phoebe Green), for Mulder & Scully, The X-Files
2. Stosh 'Piz' Piznarski (also possibly Duncan Kane), for Logan/Veronica, Veronica Mars
3. Raphael Ramirez (also possibly Abigail Chaffee), for Mary/Marshall, In Plain Sight
4. Amy Gardner, for Josh/Donna, The West Wing
5. Riley Finn, for Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike, BtVS
6. Zoe Landau, for Cal/Gillian, Lie to Me
7. Fauxlivia Dunham (also possibly Lincoln Lee), for Peter/Olivia, Fringe
8. Martha Jones, for Doctor/Rose, Doctor Who
9. Cho Chang, for Harry/Ginny (or whoever), Harry Potter
10. Kevin Tidwell, for Crews/Reese, Life
11. Various of Castle's and Beckett's exes, for Castle/Beckett, Castle
12. Stacy Warner (also possibly Lucas), for House/Cameron or House/Cuddy, House - thanks, hankmoodyblues!
13. ...

Notes: I am NOT counting people like Lauren what's-her-face from Alias, because it turned out she was actually evil. (Diana Fowley is sort of borderline, but I'll keep her.) I am also not including anything from Twilight on principle.

Any other suggestions? I'm sure I'm skipping some people I should include. (Feel free to tell me any and all characters that fit these criteria, but be aware that if I don't know the show/source material, they may not end up in my fic.) Thanks in advance!
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